Nature is the source of all true knowledge. She has her own logic, her own laws, she has no effect without cause nor invention without necessity.


Process for me is creation in a fluid motion. It imaginatively harmonizes all thoughts and ideas to form a piece of work that is not just artful, but also channeled and brought to life very creatively through the deepest corners of the heart and mind. While process inspires me, I am fueled to paint by a hoard of memories and emotions drawn from my own personal life. In most cases I start off with an abstract figurative memory and create multiple layers for it using different mediums, tools and techniques. Each layer has its own mood, enhanced vibrantly by the texture of paper they rest on. These layers so created, are manifestations of my emotions and they speak to me constantly throughout my painting process, giving it direction and depth. My paintings are explorations of time, space and relationships. The more layers I peel from my heart, the more intense it becomes. Sometimes when emotions cease control, they dominate the entire space becoming an entity of its own. As intense as it gets, painting is also a very liberating process for me. In this constant struggle with myself I more often than not end up creating a vibrant chaos of colors. I love this messiness of my space, the smell of dry and wet paint, the feel of textured paper on my skin, and my implicit bond with each element of the painting process, all of these elements build a very nurturing aura and inspire me to be more deeply involved in the painting. When I paint, I feel like I am on a vast playground, reuniting with friends, family and relationships. Reawakening dormant emotions from the very core of my soul is a very painful process that drains every ounce of tears and breath from my mortal self. It gives me great peace at the end to speak of them through my art and watch them immortalized on canvas.


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